What is The Battle of Wisby?

In the summer of 1361 there was a great battle outside the medieval town of Wisby. The excavated remnants of the battle is unique in its kind and has meant a great deal for our knowledge of the 14th century.

The project Battle of Wisby is about remembrance of our past and understanding our present. We want to honour the fallen and remember their sacrifice for freedom by reenacting the battle.

A memorial battle of this size and dignity has been set up only once before in Sweden – the Battle of Wisby 2011. Now it is happening again. The event is taking place between the 3rd of August to the 11th of August 2013.  A big military camp will arise outside the walls of Wisby. More details about the event is yet to come – stay tuned!


One Response to What is The Battle of Wisby?

  1. Lisa Tegelmark says:

    Åh… ljudet när de marscherar in. Skramlet, trampet. Klirret. Längtar ihjäl mig efter både lajv och Medeltidsveckan. 🙂

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