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Preparing to go hunting

I’m planning to go out “hunting” again this weekend, trying to reenact the medieval hunt together with some friends from the Battle of Wisby project. (More about our earlier attempts and the idea behind reenacting medieval hunting here.) I’ve ordered … Continue reading

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A pilgrim in a patched dress

I was flattered when I was asked to do a photo shoot a few weeks ago in order to make some nice press pictures for another reenachtment event. My friend Frida is organizing a traditional medieval pilgrimage at Gotland now … Continue reading

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My week in pictures

This week I’ve been quite busy as you can see, and I haven’t even documented everything properly yet. Among many other things I’m proud to have reached above 2600 readers from all over the world on this blog! I have … Continue reading

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A fair trade

I’ve finished my friend Nicks 14th century “tröja” or cotthardie or jacket or whatever you call it. That is actually often a problem to me, what to call a specific type of garment or piece of clothing. I could write … Continue reading

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The pathced dress

Ages ago I started to make a tight fitting 14th century dress with grand assiettes. By that I mean a dress with really big takeouts for the top shoulder part of the sleeve, for allowing freedom of movement. Cottehardies with … Continue reading

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