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A hunters night and morning

As it turned out, we went out for our hunt already late yesterday. The weather report I’d read was a bit more optimistic than the one Johan and Frida had seen, the latter promising rain early Sunday morning. When it … Continue reading

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Preparing to go hunting

I’m planning to go out “hunting” again this weekend, trying to reenact the medieval hunt together with some friends from the Battle of Wisby project. (More about our earlier attempts and the idea behind reenacting medieval hunting here.) I’ve ordered … Continue reading

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Homepage updated, sign up to participate!

The project Battle of Wisby aims to honour the fallen of the battles of Mästerby and Visby, and to remember their sacrifice for freedom by reenacting the battle and putting up a big military camp outside the walls of Wisby. … Continue reading

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The First Hunt

Last Saturday I went up early  in order to go on my first “hunting tour” together with Johan. We’ve been thinking of reenacting medieval hunt for some time now and decided that we’ve been waiting long enough for the woods … Continue reading

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A weekend in Wisby

Today I have the honour to present a guest writer: Battle of Wisby organizer Maria Neijman. She gives us an update on the plans for BoW 2013  and writes about her recent workshop-weekend in Wisby, together with her co-organizers Peter … Continue reading

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What is reenactment?

I’ve been dreading to explain in my blog what reenactment actually IS, why we are doing this, for those who don’t know. Now it seems like wont have to. Dennis Augustsson has made an excellent professional documentary about it. Follow … Continue reading

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Winter March

The snow is slowly melting outside my window and winter is fading away. It is hard to believe now that I was out on a winter march in my medieval gear only a month ago! I was invited to join … Continue reading

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