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Plant dyeing fabric yellow, blue and green

The last few days I’ve been preparing my first attempt to dye with indigo. I’ve done it before, but never on my own and was excited to give it a try. Indigo is a powerful natural dye that gives all shades … Continue reading

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A fair trade

I’ve finished my friend Nicks 14th century “tröja” or cotthardie or jacket or whatever you call it. That is actually often a problem to me, what to call a specific type of garment or piece of clothing. I could write … Continue reading

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So, what will be my next project in the preparations for Battle of Wisby 2013? I dread to say that the most urgent thing right now is to finish my gambeson. I started to make one after BoW 2011 and … Continue reading

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The pathced dress

Ages ago I started to make a tight fitting 14th century dress with grand assiettes. By that I mean a dress with really big takeouts for the top shoulder part of the sleeve, for allowing freedom of movement. Cottehardies with … Continue reading

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New edgeing technique

Yesterday evening I struggled to learn a new edging thechnique I’ve seen it on the neat works of Isis and Machteld who runs Medieval Silkwork. I’ve been following their inspiring blog for ages and finally meet them both at Battle … Continue reading

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Easy plant dyeing

Yesterday I decided to dye the fabric to a pair of hoses I’ve planned to start sewing. Plant dyeing is actually really easy, and naturally dyed fabric makes awesome medieval clothing. You get nice colours, often matching each other beautifully. … Continue reading

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