About this blog

My intention with this blog is to inspire myself and others interested in 14th century reenachtment and living history, mostly focusing on the period 1350-1410. My ambition is that pictures, references and designs will be from that period and no other.

Is there something you’d like me to write more about or do you have some material you’d like me to post? Please contact me!

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Kajsa Stavebring

Kajsa Stavebring


Any text material published in this blog is edited by me. I reserve the right to interpret and shorten contributions from others when I see the need for it.

This blog is a cooperation with the organizers of Battle of Wisby. Any questions about the event is to be addressed to them at info@battleofwisby.com

If not stated otherwise the pictures published on this blog belongs to me personally. In that case they are free for non-profit online use, but I would appreciate if you link back to my blog in return. Pictures labelled with the owners names are NOT free of use unless you have the photographers permission.


Many of my friends and my family have given me permission to use their photographs or videos in my blog. Others have done an excellent job posing on the pictures or contributed in other ways. Some have been pushing me to write, cheering my efforts and helped me proofread new material. A special thanks to:

Olle Sahlin, Sofia Stenler, Maria Sandberg, Johan Käll, Frida Gamero, Jessica Larsson, Johan Sjöberg, Viktoria Holmkvist, Jon Johansson, Iduna Pertolft, Kajsa Stavebring, Sarah Wagner, Maria Carlsson, Anders Wänn, Maria Neijman, Peter Ahlkvist and Boudica


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