Today we remember the Battle of Wisby, 27th of July 1361

Today it is exactly 652 years since the battle of Wisby, 1361. As it says in translation on the memorial stone on the place of battle:

“In the year of the Lord in 1361, on July 27, fell in front of Visby gates in Danish hands, these buried Gotlanders. Pray for them.”

The memorial stone for Battle of Wisby 1361

The memorial stone for Battle of Wisby 1361

Today I think of the serious aspects of reenacting a battle. This is my hobby and I engage in it because I think it is fun and rewarding. But regarding the Battle of Wisby event, it comes down to the fact that many, many people died that day, in the grass (close to) where we play.

Picture: Olle Sahlin 2011

Picture: Olle Sahlin 2011

I think today is also an excellent day to look back at the first reenacted Battle of Wisby, back in 2011. We only have another week now to go before it is time to raise the camp outside the city walls again. It is time to get yourself and your gear together (yes, that goes for me as well). I hope you will find this inspirational!

If you want to know more about what reenactment is and the work behind Battle of Wisby, have a look also at this amazing documentary. (You have to turn on the subtitles yourself, just click on the square icon to the right)

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