Homepage updated, sign up to participate!

The project Battle of Wisby aims to honour the fallen of the battles of Mästerby and Visby, and to remember their sacrifice for freedom by reenacting the battle and putting up a big military camp outside the walls of Wisby.


The Gutes makes a last stand.

Finally the events homepage is updated! Now I hope that you can find all the information you’ll need to sign up, and more is yet to come.

I love all the new amazingly inspiring pictures of camp equipment, clothing and tents! Important information about when, where and how is found here.


Our camp. Soon outside the medieval town wall of Wisby, Gotland, Sweden.

To sign up, send an email to info@battleofwisby.com. When doing so you will get an Excel file in return. Fill in the file and return the file to the same email address where it came from.

For new participants at Battle of Wisby we would like you send us a photo of yourself in your medieval outfit and a picture of your tent, if you are planning on staying in the camp. Send the photos together with the application file.

Why do we need photos?

Reenactment/living history can be described as a way of teaching and learning history. Living historians and reenactors conduct research to learn more about their chosen period, including customs, material culture, martial arts, cooking – the lot of it. The (impossible) ambition is to be a 100 % accurate, and although it isn’t really achievable, most of the recreated objects and costumes are of pure museum quality.

The participants of Battle of Wisby collectively take on a responsibility on how we pass our knowledge on, what picture of our period we convey to others. As a participant, therefore we want your equipment to fit in the context of the Baltic sea region during the middle of the 14th century. We will be very rigid when it comes to this, which means some of your equipment might have to be modified to fit in. The earlier you send us your pics, the better; then you will have more time to adjust. Read more about what we want to see here.

To sign up, send an email to info@battleofwisby.com.

 Welcome to Battle of Wisby 2013, 2-11 of August

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