The First Hunt

Last Saturday I went up early  in order to go on my first “hunting tour” together with Johan. We’ve been thinking of reenacting medieval hunt for some time now and decided that we’ve been waiting long enough for the woods to dry up after the winter.


Me posing in front of a boars mark. Boudica wasn’t up for any posing this time.

I like the idea just of being in the woods in my medieval gear, hanging around with my friends, simply enjoying our camp fire, make some good food and eat it. I imagine we’ll stay out over night when it gets warmer outside, so we can easily get up at dawn to watch the game on the move.

We could also practise with bow and javelin or try to put up some traps (careful not to ever leave them sharp of course!). Most medieval hunting techniques are illegal in Sweden, like putting up snares and hunting with nets, bow and arrow or a spear. But it is not illegal to pretend or to take nice pictures of it while pretending.

That said, I’d like to share two films Johan and I made. Johan has edited them and we both helped filming the material. Even thou it isn’t exactly Battle of Wisby-related, I hope you’ll find it inspiring and suiting for the season we are in now.

This first time it was just the two of us and the dog, but hopefully we can get the rest of our hunting party with us the next time. I had a great day out in the woods and the weather was just perfect – sunny and beautiful but not to warm. We didn’t catch anything, we even failed to catch the bus on our way home. But when I finally came back home I had my stomach full of wine and cheese, my right arm was aching from practising with the javelin and I’d got the first tan of the season. Couldn’t be any better!

I have to get a javelin of my own and keep practising, it was so much fun!


Spring is officially here!

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