What is reenactment?

I’ve been dreading to explain in my blog what reenactment actually IS, why we are doing this, for those who don’t know. Now it seems like wont have to. Dennis Augustsson has made an excellent professional documentary about it.

Follow my friends Thomas and Maria and their family during the organization and realisation of the greatest reenachtment event ever in Sweden, The Battle of Wisby 1361-2011. (The documentary is in Swedish but there are optional English subtitles.)

I feel so inspired and proud when I see it. Impressed by the effort, the massive work behind the event and everything you see in the camp or on the battlefield. I remember how awesome the battle was, how sweet the camp life and all the amazing people involved in making this happen back then, in 2011.

I’m so glad that I had the chance to be a part of this. And I’m still a part of it. We are doing it again and even better this time – in only 3 months!

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