New edgeing technique

Yesterday evening I struggled to learn a new edging thechnique I’ve seen it on the neat works of Isis and Machteld who runs Medieval Silkwork. I’ve been following their inspiring blog for ages and finally meet them both at Battle of Wisby 2011. I wanted to do something different and decorative on the new pouch I’m making, so I read their tutorial but I just couldn’t get it right. This morning I was on it again and suddenly I realized how it must be done. Amazing what a bit of sleep can do for you!


It’s a decorative seam made by braiding two silk thread loops together, while simultaneously sewing them down to the fabric. According to Isis and Machteld this technique is usually done in two colours of silk over the seams of luxurious 14th to 15-the-century pouches, so that’s what I did.

I think it looks great and I really like the striped effect you get! And now when I understand how it is done, it seems so easy. I think I’ll try this on the neckline of a dress I’m making, in the same fabric as the pouch. More about that later.

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