Battle of Wisby 2013

The news is out! The organizers of Battle of Wisby are happy to announce that their work with Battle of Wisby 2013 is now official! The event is taking place between the 3rd of August to the 11th of August 2013, outside the medieval city walls of Wisby, Sweden. Don’t miss out on this fantastic 14th century adventure!

I am in my turn proud to present to you the official Battle of Wisby blog! Here I will post about the planning and preparations for the event – sometimes within the ranks of the organizers, but mostly focusing on the work and enthusiasm among the participants, including my own.

Me? I’m a dedicated medievalist in my early 30’s. If you were at Battle of Wisby 2011 you may have seen me in camp, in the midst of teaching or learning some obscure textile craft. Or perhaps you noticed me dressed as a messengerboy, next to the leader of the Gotlandich army?

Anyhow, I hope to see YOU at Battle of Wisby 2013!

Photo: Jessica Larsson

Photo: Jessica Larsson

Make sure to keep yourself updated –

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2 Responses to Battle of Wisby 2013

  1. I have just watched the youtube vid, it looked fantastic, i dont know who enjoyed it more, the re-enactors or the public, really top class show,, well done

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